Class is in session.

Here it is folks.  Many of you have been asking and now it’s here.  The Sign Alchemy Class. 3 days of intensive training that covers how we do what we do.  Presented by Jim Dawson of Synergy Sign & Graphics and Doug Haffner of Haffner’s Fantastic Creations.  We’ll be covering everything from carving to finishing and everything in between.

Here is the rough course overview


We hope to see you here in October!



More Awesomeness from The Sign Invitational 2016

More pictures from The Sign Invitational 2016.



Noella Cotnam’s ( amazing nesting sculpture


The Multicam Booth was the talk of the show.  We had a steady crowd for most of the show along with periods of an all out mob!


Roger Cox’s gas pump and Dan Sawatzky’s Sign Police in the foreground.


Phil Vanderkraats (Signs By Van) whimsical ” The Art of Design ” piece with Doug Haffner’s (Haffner’s Fantastic Creations) Rat Fink mouse trap in the background.


Manfred Didier’s ( Timber Signs ) attention to detail was second to non.


The wining entry from Peter Poanessa ( Keene Signworx ) was a masterclass in Goldbergian design.


Peter Sawatzky’s (Imagination Corporation) Artistic Android was a master class in character design.



Who doesn’t love a robot chicken.  Xpressive Graphix’s entry from Dave Mattingly and Tony Rose had everyone chuckling.


Roger Cox’s ( House of Signs ) tribute to Rube was amazingly detailed and displayed some awesome finishing.


Dan Sawatzky’s (Imagination Corporation) piece showcased why Dan is at the pinnacle in carved sign design.  He always tells amazing stories with every piece.



Jim Dawson, Bryan Gray, Aubrey Gealsha, and Jason Bair from Synergy Sign & Graphics sure do know there way around tentacle sculptures.



Two months and counting

Happy New Year all!

It’s hard to believe that it is February 1 already! Looking at the calendar there are only two months left to get your pieces designed, built and shipped out to the Sign Challenge at ISA in Orlando. We have yet to see much of anything from most of the competitors but I am sure everyone has their ideas locked down and the build well in hand. We’d love to see some sketches and pictures of progress.  The sponsors are eagerly awaiting to see some of the designs and sketches too!
Peter and I have our pieces finished, ready to palletize and ship out in a couple of weeks to make sure they are on hand in plenty of time. We are currently working on the sponsor’s dimensional signs as well as the trophy which will be presented to the winner.
We look forward to seeing all of the entries and all of you in Orlando in a few short weeks!