Theme:  Pub Signs with an Alliterative Animal Name

Build Envelope:  24″ wide x 36″ tall – Double Sided

The theme for the 2023 Sign Invitational is a pub sign with an alliterative animal name IE: Blind bird, Fast Fox, Grinning Goat, Big Bear or something along this vein.  The sign should be dimensional and measure approximately 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

Contest Date:  ISA Sign Expo 2023 – Date TBD –  

Contest Location:   TBD –  ISA Sign Expo

Contest Booth:   Signs of the Times ISA Booth #TBD

Note!!!!!  The posts will be supplied.  You can choose to build your own custom bracket to match the mounting locations in the drawing below, or you can choose to attach to our stock hang bracket.   We will need to know in advance how you would like to hang your piece.